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Our services for hunting in Hungary

We provide hunting programmes tailored to our customers' individual expectations, experience and skills.

In terms of organisational tasks and formalities required for your hunting experience:

  • we obtain your hunting permit,
  • conclude your mandatory hunting insurance contract,
  • send you letter of invitation, if necessary,
  • obtain permit for customers from non-EU countries to bring guns to the territory of the Republic of Hungary,
  • give you precise description of the route to follow, if you are driving your own car,
  • meet you at the airport if you come by air,
  • take you from the airport to the hunting grounds,
  • provide you with off-road vehicles for hunting,
  • provide you with a professional hunter to guide you while hunting,
  • supply cartridges for hunting small game,
  • book you first class accommodation at or near the hunting grounds,
  • provide you with interpreter, if required,
  • carry out the primary preparation of your trophies,
  • do the mandatory trophy evaluation,
  • package your trophies,
  • send you your trophies by post or deliver them in other suitable ways,
  • obtain veterinary surgeons' required for the exportation of the trophies for customers from non-EU countries and we carry out the preliminary customs clearance formalities
  • delegate a member of our agency to be present during hunting and/or oversee the hunting programme.
  • we organise supplementary programmes for hunters and family members/friends during their stay in Hungary.
  • we settle accounts at the end of the hunting programme and make out the invoice for the programme based on the prices quoted.
  • we book accommodation in Budapest and organise tourism programmes with professional guides.