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Wild boar hunting in Hungary

Wild boar hunting in Hungary. Wild boar driven hunting in Hungary. Big drive boar hunt in Hungary. Wild boar individual hunting in Hungary. Individual wild boar hunting.

Individual hunters may hunt wild boar round the year, in most cases from a high seat. We organise wild boar hunting for our guests in state owned territories near Budapest and in the best preserves in the eastern regions of Hungary. On request, wild boar hunting may be combined with hunting of other large game animals (red deer, roe deer, fallow deer and mouflon).
Almost all the tuskers bagged by hunters in Hungary qualify for medals, most of them are over 20 cm in length, with larger ones - 22-24 cm tusks - also taken frequently.



Driven hunt for wild boar

Driven hunts are organised between early November and late January, in free ranges and boar preserves.
In a free range driven hunt the ideal number of hunters in a party is between 8 and 12, the expected daily bag consisting of 7-15 boars or so. In general, 2-3 driven hunts take place on a given hunting day. For up to 6 guns it is also possible to shoot other species (including cull red deer and fallow deer stags as well as ones young and female of the same).
We organise driven hunts in preserves of forestry enterprises and private wild boar preserves.
The preserves are located in forests in hilly or flat regions. In the preserves of 350-500 hectares the ideal number of guns is between 6 and 8, with 3-4 beats a day. Hunters will be positioned in wooded areas in the best possible positions, having an optimum view on sections where the game cross open spaces, ensuring at the same time the safety of the participants. Hunters may also prefer to take the high seat, which is also an excellent position to soot from. In each beat some 20-40 beaters are working with 5-10 dogs. The expected daily bag varies between 30 and 80 boars, with 25-60 % tuskers.
At noon hunters are served a hot meal in the field, and by the end of the day the indispensable bag is put together, and hunting horns give the final respect to the bagged boar.

Our driven boar hunts may be combined with driven hunts for large bags of high flying pheasants as well.

International scoring:
110,00 - 114,99 C.I.C. Bronze
115,00 - 119,99 C.I.C. Silver
up 120,00 C.I.C. Gold


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