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Red deer hunting in Hungary

Red deer hunting in Hungary. Red deer stag hunting in Hungary. Red deer stag shooting in Hungary.

The largest part of the Hungarian red deer population - renowned across the world - is thriving in the southern and western regions of Transdanubia. Hunting for red deer stags is still as prestigious and highly desirable an activity among hunters world-wide, owing to the best possible habitats for this particular big game species in Hungary as well as expert game management practices pursued in this country, in addition to the excellent genetic basis.


Stalking is the most frequently chosen and at the same time the finest form of hunting for red deer, but red deer is also hunted from the high seat, particularly in afternoon hours.

Our hunting grounds are located south of lake Balaton, in Somogy and Tolna county as well as in Zala county.

Those who would like to bag really strong trophies should devote 4-5 days to hunting at a time. The best period of hunting is in September, during the rutting season. Hunting for red deer may be combined with hunting from the high seat for fallow deer, mouflon and wild boar as well.

International scoring:
170,00 - 189,99 C.I.C. Bronze
190,00 - 209,99 C.I.C. Silver
210,00 C.I.C. up Gold


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