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Mouflon hunting in Hungary

Mouflon hunting in Hungary. Mouflon shooting in Hungary.

Mouflon, which is not an indigenous species in Hungary, may be hunted primarily in Hungary's hilly regions, though this species has also been introduced to the North Great Plain and to flat regions in the South-Transdanubia region of Hungary.

We organise hunting for our customers in state owned areas near Budapest and in private hunting grounds in the North Great Plain.



The ideal time for mouflon hunting is in the autumn and in the winter, but in special purpose hunting grounds one can go hunting mouflon, primarily stalking.

Mouflon hunting may be combined by hunting red deer, fallow deer and wild boar from high seat.

International scoring:
185,00 - 194,99 C.I.C. Bronze
195,00 - 204,99 C.I.C. Silver
205,00 C.I.C. up Gold


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