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Driven pheasant shooting in Hungary

Pheasant driving in Hungary. Wingshooting in Hungary. Driven pheasant shooting in Hungary.

Driven hunts for large bags of pheasants on the hunting territories of ANAS crecca Ltd.

These hunts are organised some 40-80 km east - north-east of Budapest, in the region of Gödöllő and Hatvan. Since our hunting areas are located at short distances from one another, we can organise 2-3 day hunting programmes without the party having to re-visit a single location.
All of our areas are to be found in hilly areas, besides agricultural territories we have a significant proportion of forests, bushy areas and reeds.
Thanks to the above natural environmental features and our many years' of experience we offer a very sporty sort of hunting - for high flying pheasants - for our shooting parties.


Our driven hunts for pheasants are organised between early November and late January.
Recommended number of guns: 5-8.
The potential daily bag varies between some 300 and 1,500 pheasants.
Some 6-8 hunts are usually organised each day, and each of our hunters is provided with a loader and a one collecting the pheasants with the assistance of gun dogs.

Between beats, while the beaters are set up for the next drive, the hunters are offered snacks and drinks from a picnic cart. Hot meals are served at in the field, in a setting and in an atmosphere our guests will always like to remember.

Accommodation: in first class hunting mansions or small hotels near the hunting grounds.


Our contact in Canada: Laszlo Albert; St John's NL
phone: +1 709 769 5444
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