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Welcome to the home page of ANAS crecca Hunting Ltd.!

Hunting Hungary. Hunting in Hungary.

Anas Crecca Ltd. is successor to the former Anas Ltd., keeping up with the best of the traditions of our previous enterprise. The owners and staff members of the agency have been engaged in organising hunting tours for foreign tourists in Hungary and in game management since the seventies.

The success and achievements of our enterprise are based on many years of professional expertise as well as on our offering an increasingly wide range of services, our personal attendance during the hunting tours and on excellent knowledge of our hunting grounds.

The agency is cooperating with the best hunting associations and forestry companies in Hungary, while beats for sizeable daily bags of mostly high flying pheasants are organised on leased terrains.

Looking forward to welcoming you among our hunting guests, with hunters' greetings:



Gyula Balogh Tibor Janovics
Owner, Executive director Owner, Head of Game Management Division


Attila Zsarnay

Anas Creca contact person

+36 20 984 4848